No dough that there is a lot of confusion when it comes to the meaning of web hosting what is it and types of hosting available in the market and the best hosting package suitable for your business. New terms we are witnessing in this digital era.

Any business needs to have a strong website hence, building a strong online presence without a website your business gonna fade anytime. for a website, you need a web hosting server that is provided by web hosting companies.

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What is the meaning of web hosting?

Web hosting is a digital service powered by companies who are named web hosting providers they sell or rent a space on a server where you could use to store the files responsible for your website accessibility on the internet but you need to own a domain and they may help you with purchasing a domain too.

This facility can be offered by range from nearly free to hundreds per month web hosting providers offer everything essential to make your website live on the internet.

What is the server?

Basically, servers are the computer that connects users anywhere in the world to your own website, and the web hosting service offers you to have a server to host your website depending on a variety of plans which covers a wide spectrum starting from small blogs up to large firms. There are lots of web hosting providers that can provide you with these web hosting services. creative minds agency is one of the best web development agency in Egypt that can offer you a wide range of plans that suit your business.

Web Hosting

How does web hosting work?

Each web hosting company have a variety of plan either for purchase or lease space and you can choose the one suitable for your business once you choose a web hosting plan the web hosting company store your sites on its servers and specify it with a unique DNS.

DNS is the “Domain Name System” that turns domain names into IP addresses which you could use to load internet pages. Each device has its own IP address which is used to locate its device once it’s connected to the internet.

The DNS also allows people to access your website around the world. purchasing a web hosting package is something like purchasing space on a hard driver of the computer put web hosting gives you the advantage of being accessed from anywhere.

So what is happening is as the following after you purchase a domain name the files that gripe all of the website’s content (HTML, CSS, images, databases, etc.) will be stored in an online location connected to the internet which is the webserver once your file is uploaded to the web hosting company servers this host will then deliver your file to users.

The DNS name is responsible for connecting the web browser to the right web hosting server that stores your website files.

features that hosting provider offers:

  • Reliability

Uptime is so important for both free and paid web hosting frankly you will want your website to operate 24\7, have reliable servers and stable network connections, and it’s totally your right. So you need before choosing a host to check out its uptime history, read its reviews, and their advertised uptime guarantees.

If your site is hard to reach and hit revenue hard and visitors have terrible access it is never to hesitate to go to another web hosting provider.

  • Email Accounts

Most hosting providers require users to have a domain name” www. your website” and then the email account feature is then added by your hosting company and you can also create a domain name account.

  • FTP access

It allows you to upload files from your local computer to the webserver.

  • WordPress Support

25% of websites are powered by WordPress, It’s an online creation tool and powerful blogging and website CMS “content management system” through which you can create and manage your website on the internet, your hosting provider should tell you if their servers are WordPress compatible or no.

Web Hosting

Types of hosting

There are 10 types of web hosting different from each other in storage, capacity, control, server speed, reliability, and technical knowledge requirement.

  •  shared hosting

Shared hosting is one of the most popular web hosting as it gives you the ability to host multiple websites on one web server. Frankly, most websites have only one server resource but shared hosting provides stable services at a low budget.

Shared hosting is perfect for the startup’s websites as there is a shared host plan, shared domain, same server resource such as RAM and CPU which all make a low cost for being shared with different websites all of this makes it excellent for a startup website.

website builders, WordPress hosting and, the ability to email clients are all a plus advantage for shared web hosting. website owners who do not receive a large amount of web traffic will find shared web hosting an excellent choice for them.

  •  Dedicated server hosting

It gives you the most control over another web hosting because the server is basically owned by you either purchased or rented and your website is the only one stored on it which means that you have full access and control over this server starting from the security end to the operating system that you run.

But as you know nothing comes for free every advantage of this have its own price dedicated server is one of the most expensive web hosting servers frankly they are used by the website owners who have a lot of traffic and need full access and control to their websites in addition to a high level of technical knowledge is needed for installation and management of this server.

  • Virtual private server (VPS) hosting

It’s the middle ground between shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting its ideal when the web owner needs more control but not necessarily a dedicated server.

VPS is unique as each website is hosted in its own space on the server so VPS web hosting providers website owners with more customized storage,  specific software, and package installations but this doesn’t deny that it is still shared on the same physical server, which means that they still could affect by other sites on the server and still can’t handle a lot of traffic and spikes as this could affect the site performance.

So if you need dedicated hosting but don’t have the technical knowledge needed it also offers the cost-benefit of shred hosting with the dedicated hosting control.

  • Cloud hosting

It’s so many computers working together running applications using combined computing resources it works via the internet and enables companies to consume these computing resources like one utility.

This allows users to employ many resources without building computing infrastructure which also spread across several servers which reduces downtimes due to server malfunctioning.

This type of web hosting is scalable which means that your site can grow over time and use as many resources as required but the owner only pays for what they need “pay as you go”.

  • Managed host

Offering professional setup in addition to site maintenance, managed hosting can be cost-effective too especially for users who don’t want to deal with the technical aspects of management.

Managed web hosting is somehow shared hosting in many terms, where the hosting company is responsible for the setup of the site and maintenance too. The web host manages all updates, security terms, and other technical issues so as a website owner you can only focus on the content you show on your website and take care of your business.

Managed web hosting offers more customer support and set up for the site than the standard shared hosting and the cost is similar to the higher-end shared hosting option.

It also specialized in a specific platform like WordPress so if you are expanding your business and your website gonna be more complex managed web hosting will be the perfect choice for you.

  • Colocation Hosting

It gives you the maximum control over both hardware and software but it’s one of the most expensive options too because instead of keeping services at a private center you can co-locate your equipment by renting space in a co_location center. They will also provide you with the Colling system that your servers need.

  • Reseller web hosting

It allows clients to web hosting themselves it varies tremendously in size and they may have their virtual dedicated server to a certain co-located server they also provide identical services to that of shared web hosting plan also provide technical support.

  • Clustered hosting

It means that the same content being hosted with more than one server is a perfect solution for the high availability of dedicated hosting and also creating a scalable web hosting solution it also may separate web serving from the database hosting capability.

  • Home server

A machine placed in a private area can be used to host one or more websites.

  • Drupal hosting

Drupal is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) to maintain and publish an internet website or a company/group intranet site. Durbal hosting is any web hosting plan which maintains with Durbal.

Durbal hosting has a lot of advantages as it provides a powerful and flexible basic framework for building a website that is favorited by professional developers also, government and enterprise websites prefer that type of Web hosting for its high-security level. 

Which web hosting services are the best for your business?

There are so many different options to choose from while considering web hosting each of which has its own advantage and its limitation too.

Choosing the suitable kind of business web hosting from the many alternatives available in the market depends on your budget, expected traffic, your skills, the resources you need, and your goals for the future of your website so you need to make a web hosting comparison to know the best web hosting.

web hosting

How to pick a web host

Nothing comes free and even free web hosting comes with a cost.

Bandwidth allowance

Referred to as traffic transfer and it is the number of bytes required to transfer your websites to the users when they browse your website.

Most startups websites don’t provide video or music on their websites they might use less than 3 gigabytes per month. If you are looking for expansion to include videos and sounds then you need extra space provided by paid hosting companies.

Free web hosting imposes daily||Monthly limits on the amount of traffic used by your website, if your content videos, sounds that gain traffic over the agreed amount between the host and you then the host has the right to disable your website or charge you for bills.

Another thing to consider about free hosting is that it imposes a maximum size for the file you upload so if you are looking for improving software or increasing your resolution a paid host will be the perfect choice for you.

Paid web hosting comes with a higher level of security than free one so if you have a high risk of security limitation then your customer personal information and credit cards information might be stolen.

Free hosting can provide you with a free domain with their name in the URL while in paid web hosting you can customize your domain name.


Not all free web hosting imposes advertising on your website to cover the cost of providing you a free space on their server these ads might be banners, pop-ups that might risk your website being spammed, and surfers being low-quality websites that offer users a bad and uncomfortable experience which immediately put-off.

Upgrade Options

You need to check out if your host has a suitable plan for you when you need to upgrade your website and that the process is as easy and straightforward as possible.

Hosting types provided by web host providers:

  • File hosting service
  • Image hosting service
  • Video hosting service
  • Blog hosting service
  • Paste bin
  • Shopping cart software
  • E-mail hosting service

web hosting

What do you need to build your website?

There are several options to help you build your website starting from the HTML end to the website builder program. Our web hosting plans in creative minds give you the full assessment you need to build your unique website with the best support services like CMS support systems like WordPress and Joomla you can also add a dedicated IP and SSL certificate too.

Moving your website to creative minds hosting survey is an easy and simple process just access your website and upload the file through our web hosting control center or through a File Transfer Protocol client FTP.

If you don’t have full access to your server in this case you should request a copy from your current web hosting provider. And for any inquiry, our 24\7 support team will help you.

We also offer some of the lowest prices and cheap web hosting in the market so you can start your own website without paying that much.

We can help you to purchase a domain name You can also upgrade your hosting plan depending on the website growth” pay as you go”. And for the security, it’s a very serious part of our policy so you can make sure you are totally safe from any attack.

Whenever you have a problem our customer service and support team will help you and make sure that everything is under control.