Ideal content gains high traffic which gives a high conversion rate yielding higher ROI its as simple as this equation which emphasizes that digital content strategy is the most important and critical strategy in digital marketing.

What is a  digital content strategy in marketing?

A content marketing institute showed that 72% of marketers say that content has increased the number of leads they generate.

The first step in developing a content strategy is creating catchy content that is of interest to your audiences.

First, you need to understand the difference between strategy and tactics. When you set a goal then you need to put a plan. This is what we name a strategy. Your way to execute this strategy is what we name tactics. by talking digital we can say that your digital marketing goal needs to be achieved by plan and this is your digital content strategy.

You need to take digital content strategy as your first approach to know where you gonna end up with your digital marketing summarize a digital content strategy is your digital plan of the framework through which your content can reach more audiences.

Content marketing strategy, in other words, is your content marketing engine. Digital marketing strategy moves your content forward give it its shape, power, purpose, impact, and the most important higher ROI.

Why is the Digital content strategy framework so important for your marketing campaigns?

Imagine yourself on a road to a certain destination that you have never been there before without a map, terrible feeling right? It’s the same thing with the digital content strategy. It’s your road map to achieve a certain marketing goal. This map can simply define your steps and tell you when and why to do it.

A profitable digital content strategy is the one that meets your marketing goals as it helps you with:

  • Plan for a content calendar 
  • Focus on content that meets your marketing goals
  • Identify the right platform that suits your goal and reach your audience
  • Become originated with your audience and the type of content they’re interstate about.
  • Rank higher on the SERPs and drive growth in organic search traffic.
  • Drive engagement and hence higher ROI
  • Keep an eye on your competitors and see what they are doing you can manage for something better than them.

While creating digital strategy it must be relevant, reliable, and touch the customer pain point so it can reach its full capacity and potential.

Some of the digital content strategy activities include:

  • Web Design and User Experience (UX) Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay-per-Click (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Video Marketing

digital content strategy

Types of Digital Content:

Digital content can be found across the web on third-party platforms not only on websites, and here is some of the digital marketing content:

  • Web pages
  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Case studies
  • Infographics
  • Ebooks and whitepapers
  • Emails
  • Display ads
  • Videos
  • Podcasts

Tips for how your digital content strategy can reach its full potential:

To have an integrated content strategy best practice that can fulfill your goal and get you the highest ROI you need to activate all of the content strategy components which are:

1. Identify your business goals and objectives.:

No strategy can be performed without setting a goal and the same for the digital content strategy you need to ask yourself some questions while sitting your goal:

  • Do you want to gain more leads?
  • Do you need to improve and increase your engagements?
  • Do you want to Increase SEO values?
  • Do you want to expand your business to a new market and does your market reputation allow this?
  • Do you want to add more backlinking to your website?
  • Do your business need to add a new set of services to improve your conversion rate?

Whatever your business goal it has to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

2. Plan how you are going to reach your targeted audience

You need to know who you are creating content for so you can effectively make the content that they want to consume, a successful way to do so is to create a buyer persona.

A study revealed that “creating buying personas increased the number of views per visit by 100%, which make an increase in visit duration by 900%, Hence increase in ROI by 171%”.

you can create different buyer personas that align with audiences that your business targets and build out a profile for each depending on:

  • Persona demographics
  • Professional status 
  • Psychographics 
  • Pain points and challenges
  • Influences and information sources 
  • Purchasing processes

After finishing these profiles you should have different personas and a wealth of information about who these individuals are.

The distribution of content that gets your client’s interest is a critical part of digital content strategy In today’s omnichannel marketing the best strategies identify multiple channels and touchpoints for high-value content.

To understand your audience you need to perform research so you can easily understand your client and identify what they want. there are two types of research you can perform:

digital content strategy

  • Surveys: most of today’s surveys are performed online which gives you the ability to branch your questions depending on how a subject responds, send useful tools like automated invitations and reminders in addition to randomize the order of questions.
  • Interviews: it’s one of the gold parameters of qualitative analysis and it gives you the chance to dig deeper when there is more to know you can also conduct interviews by phone or video conference which is far more practical.

While interviews can be more expensive than an online survey but it yields high-quality and trusted information. But surveys can produce helpful data too so it depends.

You should research your clients, influencers, and Referral Sources they are people who can recommend you to prospective buyers.

There are so many reasons to hire a company that is a specialist to conduct this type of research and not to perform it on your own to reduce the cost.

  • Your client might not be completely honest while giving you the feedback in order not to hurt your feeling or they might tell you what they think you want to hear.
  • You might not have the skill to do such a job as a skilled interviewer can dig deeper to understand more in a professional way also design a statistically valid questionnaire and make sense of all the collected data.

What question should be asked while conducting research on your audiences?

  • What they are interested in?
  • Their opinions about the content you are providing?
  • Why they would choose you over other competitors?
  • If they would recommend you to a friend why and why not?
  • If they are satisfied with the services after-sale that you provide?
  • What do they want you to provide in the feature either services or products?

3. Figure out the type of content you will create.

There is a lot of content that you can develop for your brand includes:

  • Infographics
  • Logos
  • press releases
  • Pitches
  • whitepapers
  • case studies
  •  landing page
  • SEO pages
  •  blog posts

Each of which has a different purpose and different technique but first you need to align the content you create with the desired outcomes.

Building a Content Framework:

It is always a helpful step to  provide a copywriter with a framework for every content that you are asking them to create such as:

  • Your primary keyword(s)
  • Secondary keywords
  • Optimal word length
  • Ideas to include in the title and meta description

While creating a digital content strategy framework it must be something a  copywriter can follow and analyze.

SEO  and Content strategy always work hand-in-hand, after choosing the type of content you should apply the SEO rules in order to make your content findable online hence you need basic knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO). and research a list of SEO keywords that relate to your audience’s issues or inquiries so you can develop specific topics under each issue.

digital content strategy

4. How to package your content?

You can produce content in a wide range of types and formats. content has been categorized into two categories:

  • Flow Content:

Short and frequently published content, it is open to everyone and designed to attract regular and ongoing traffic to your website, it could be:

  • Blog Posts
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • eNewsletters
  • Tutorials
  • Videos


  • premium Content:

Higher-value downloadable content used to generate leads, This type of content is usually free but requires a form fill to access it. it could be:

  • Executive Guides
  • Webinars
  • Ebooks
  • Research Reports
  • White Papers
  • Demos
  • Videos
  • Courses
  • Tutorials

Note some content can fall into both content categories, depending on their value and how they are positioned. 

In the end, you gonna need both packages while publishing your content a place to publish your flow content, and premium content through which you can convert your readers into potential customers. What is happening later with this lead depends on your digital content strategy if you are going to send them emails promoting other content and encourage them to stay engaged in order to see more of this stuff.

digital content strategy

5. Develop a content calendar

if you have a detailed calendar to measure your progress against, your digital content strategy will never fail. 

The digital content strategy takes commitment and to stuck to these commitments and fulfill them you need to develop a content calendar, so you can develop content on certain days and carry out promotions on others, it also allows you to figure out which topic you gonna talk about, and so on.

6.How to promote your content?

According to Pareto Principle, you should be spending 20% of your time on content creation and 80% on content promotion.

Usually, you need to wait for Google to index your post then deliver it to readers. you can also hire SEO to help you get high organic traffics but you can  have more success if you actively promote it using one of these ways:

  • Email Marketing: If you don’t have an email list, your digital content strategy will help you create one.
  • Social Media Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are perfect tools to do so as it builds a loyal foundation of supporters and create opportunities for dialog with your audience.
  • Running paid social media ads
  • Guest publishing through which expose your ideas to new audiences and link them back to content on your website. 
  • Collaborating with influencers who can help you to reach your targeted audience

7. identify the topics you’ll  adopt

Building professional catchy content is not that easy so you need to accurately identify what you are going to talk about so you don’t waste your time money and effort on topics that are not catchy or of interest to your audience.

You can choose topics that serve your marketing goals based on the research you have made before but it depends on how accurate and professional this research was.

find subjects that aren’t getting a lot of coverage but at the same time are getting a lot of interest so that your voice has a big chance to be heard. You don’t have to talk about evergreen topics all the time it’s okay to talk about urgent and trendy topics too and once this emerging issue fades away you can talk about another thing.

8. filling Keyword Gaps

Keyword gaps are search queries that your main competitors are ranking by, but you are not targeting currently.

It’s a starting point to help you to build a strategy that fills the gaps between you and your competitors and your audience too.

9. Measure your obtained results:

Every strategy has to be measurable and so as for digital content strategy and you can track your progress through KPIs that illustrate user behaviors.

There is a variety of tools that can identify how your audience engages and react to your content on a more reasonable level.

10. Perform A/B testing:

It’s a simple way to test changes you make to your content and know whether these changes improved your conversion rates or not.

Digital Content Strategy

Digital content strategy course

As a student, you can get benefit from the advantages of digital marketing especially content marketing so if you are an undergraduate student and know how to put things together and to phrase words in a way that attracts engages, and delights your audience, hurry up and don’t miss the chance.

You can find a lot of digital marketing courses of many tracks either professional or advanced track on learning platforms like Coursera, HubSpot, and Udacity, LinkedIn Learning.

Digital content strategy example

  • Aqar Ya Masr
  • Qanony App
  • Come Chat (AI chatbot for Covid-19)
  • Gilead Middle East Database
  • Communications And Information Technology Commission  Minister of communication (KSA)
  • VAT Mobile Application
  • Ministry of Finance (KSA)

Some of our successful digital strategy projects in creative mind are built by our talented team. Creative minds can also supply you with a lot of digital marketing services and IT solutions:

  • web design
  • mobile apps development
  • social media marketing
  • digital marketing
  • advertising agency
  • search engine optimization
  • video production
  • media production
  • graphic design
  • hosting

website content strategy

What makes a good website content strategy is to be:

  •  The content must be SEO optimized
  • content must be legible and easily understood
  • To know your audience and their interest and set up clear goals.
  • It must be restricted to blog posts and the written word media like videos and photos must be included too.
  • Clear CTAs.

Finally, you can’t ignore the power of a digital content strategy plan if you want to be a leader in your industry as it helps to close the gap between you and your audience by forming a relationship full of trust and credibility.

There are a lot of digital marketing agencies in Egypt that can help you with setting your digital content strategy and one of the best companies which can do this is creative minds house of web development and digital marketing services, with the varied digital marketing services we help your business stay always alive.