Social media presence is no longer an option it became a must nowadays for all industries which has made us wonder about the benefits of social media and  “Why is social media important to your business?”

Social media have changed our plans and the ways we think it has opened a new gate to manage your online presence including your brand identity and brand messaging and has developed a new concept for digital marketing strategies. One other big benefit of social media is that it grows every day, There is a new achievement and new goal for social media marketing day by day.

With over 4.2 billion active social media users and more people joining every single day we can’t neglect the powerful impact of social media marketing and the benefits of social media for business growth and it doesn’t matter whether you have a local brand or run a multinational business social media is an essential piece in your marketing strategy and not just a trend which gonna fade anytime.

Where on of the biggest benefits of social media marketing is that it provides any business with a massive audience to connect your business with and increase your brand awareness and gain more leads and hence credibility and trust,  so your business doesn’t appear outdated.

For a successful online presence, you just need to start with a solid marketing strategy framework, Plan for a content calendar that should meet your marketing goals, Identify the right platform, and finally set your reliable goal.

Why is social media important to your business?

One of the greatest benefits of social media marketing is that it offers a one-to-one connection and provides you incredible benefits that help reach millions of customers worldwide no matter their location and easily reach your targeted customer and take accurate feedback and evaluate yourself and know their opinions about your brand.

If you are not taking advantage of the different social media platforms you are missing a lot of incredible marketing opportunities where 92% of the marketers make it part of their efforts in addition to 78% of salespeople are engaged in social media all of that not for haphazard but because there are already originated with the benefits of social media.

On the other hand, not all business owners are familiar with the benefits of social media marketing frankly, Nearly 40% of local businesses don’t use social media also, 16% don’t like to use social media for their business at all.

If you are from those who are struggling to start their social media activities don’t worry you are about to know why is social media important to your business?.

Keep reading to know more about social media marketing agencies in Egypt and the advantages of digital marketing.

Benefits Of Social Media

Benefits of Social media to your business.

Although B2B companies want to sell products to other businesses. B2B advertisers need an exit site to connect with potential partners, In addition to personal events. They have found that they can do this very well through social media that has long been used to help grow this relationship. So let’s talk about social media and business growth.

  • Build brand awareness and improve your online presence.

People need to hear about you so they can become your customers as they want to buy brands that they are familiar with and can recognize and that is the biggest benefit of social media marketing as it helps to boost your online presence and visibility among your potential customers.

Using traditional marketing to get in touch with a wide segment of your potential clients can be time and money-consuming and later we are going to discuss the difference between digital and traditional marketing in another article.

Here a new question has been raised in mind about how you are going to create an effective marketing campaign with relevant content in a marketing field full of competitors and noise?.

Building catchy content with a group of keywords that catches user interest,  being able to speak with your client’s tongue, and communicating values of your brand, identifying the tone and voice through which you are going to speak with them are all elements of a successful marketing strategy.

You can get source content from social media where you can get sources for ideas by asking your followers about what they want and what they are interested in and giving people what they want. Using hashtags can also help you get your audience involved and create existent around your brand.

Visuals like videos, images, GIFs and memes have a strong and essential role in engaging customers, And not only using them but also investing in them and bringing them out to people with the highest quality is also important. Figuring out what your clients want to see and what will make them click your link or engage with you by posting certain content or sharing your content is also important for a successful social media campaign.

Benefits Of Social Media

You also need to pay attention to your profile and cover photo and placing your logo as your profile picture has a great impact on people recognizing you. If you take a look at Adidas’ social media pages you will find their logo on both profiles and cover simple and clear without being overbearing. 

  • Benefits of social media and getting high traffic and market insights.

One benefit of social media marketing is that it helps you drive more traffic to your brand through social media ads, posts, stories, and replying to your client’s comments and inquires also helps you create a strong bond between you and them and gain higher traffic and hence credibility.

Optimizing your social media business profile, Implementing your social media presence, Focusing your effort on the right platform which is going to serve your needs are all factors to maximize your traffic. 

Another benefit of social media marketing is that you can get the full insights you need like polls and surveys to manage your business and to know where you stand in the market.

Sharing your blog post on your social media account will help you gain a lot of traffic and get readers once you publish your blog post and also, you can use UTM tracking tags to collect the whole data about the users who clicked your link so you can enhance your SEO ranking.

You need to include your website address in all of your social media channels so people who are interested in your service can know more about what you offer and trust you more.

In conclusion: It is vital to have social media marketing to keep up so you can continue growing where 83% of Instagram users say they discover new products on it.

  • Encourage Engagement.

If a certain brand is promoting one of their products it can gain a lot of engagement and interaction where people would ask for the price, where are it’s available, if the delivery service is available, and they might ask each other in the comments about the feedback if they found that one of them has already deal with your brand.

A good benefit for social media platforms is that it opens the conversation and interaction which all help you gain customer loyalty.

  • Generates conversation around your brand.

Xbox Game  Pass announced the availability of their game on EA pay which is a smart way to get feedback about their products from their fans and this is how social media can help you generate conversion around your brand. And help your client not to feel that they are talking to a robot and that they are a valued customer and their opinions do matter, which later gonna give them a good impression about your brand and hence gain their loyalty.

The most important advantage is that it will humanize your brand which is one of the key benefits of social media marketing. You can humanize your brand by introducing your team to your audience, making live stories, and taking your audience on a tour of your company.

  • Communicate authority and show authenticity.

People are so smart about the brand they are going to support and become loyal too first they will search you and see if you have a strong profile that can communicate your firm values and always up to date profile if you have a respectful tone toward your clients if you answer their inquires all of this will help them gain a first impression about your brand and your team.

You should find a certain way to prove to them that you deserve to be a leader in your industry and you deserve to be the first choice for them. Your personality and brand identity shine up on social media.

  • Social media marketing is cost-effective

Regardless of your budget, you can get the benefit of social media marketing so social media is so affordable to handle where creating a social media account is completely free for almost all social media platforms which help you attain a greater ROI (return on investment) which is one of the huge benefits of social media, especially for local and small businesses.

Lunching Facebook or Twitter ads coast you money but it’s cheaper compared to lunching similar campaign on a traditional method so you can conduct a baseline social media marketing campaign at a low cost.

Many business owners don’t have enough time to manage their social media pages so hiring a digital marketing agency will help you moderate your pages and your marketing content too. Creative minds social media experts will manage your social media account, manage your marketing content and keep it helpful and informative, conduct your marketing strategy, and most importantly identify what platform is most suit your business.

Benefits Of Social Media

  • Helps you attract potential customers.

Attracting potential clients is so important as of course, the last thing you want is to waste your time and effort with a client who is not interested in your products or services. One of the most important benefits of social media marketing is that it helps you target your audience.

Conducting market research will help you identify your potential customer and which platform to focus your effort on, you can offer customer services through social media and you also can demonstrate your brand identity and brand messaging.

There is a huge variety in social media platforms like:

Facebook: with over 1.8 billion active Facebook users and millions of Facebook groups the chance to meet your potential customers is very high so finding these groups and being an active member in them will benefit your brand awareness and growth too.

Twitter: you can take advantage of the Twitter list function and create groups of people who are already interested in your business and ready to make a deal.

Instagram: Frankly, Instagram is at the top of influencing platforms influencers are expecting to be worth over 13.8 billion dollars, creators on Instagram have the ability to add their preferred brand list.

LinkedIn: with 467 million active LinkedIn users help you to make  professional connections with your potential business partners and employees frankly, about 72% of B2B campaign is managed through the LinkedIn platform

Benefits Of Social Media

  • Provide Support

Nowadays many people are turning to Facebook or Twitter to solve their problems and if they want to know more information about something instead of calling customer services.

Being responsive to all your clients inquires give you a good reputation and make you gain customer loyalty and to do that you need to:

  • Be quickly responsive.
  • Be positive and helpful for all inquires.
  • Know how to handle customers at any problem.
  • Track customer comments on your social accounts.
  • Partnership with an influencer.

Influencers in some cases are called brand ambassadors where brand get the benefit of those people and their great influence on them to promote their product or service and give their influencer a full review and telling them the whole experience, As once they trust you their followers will do so and by this, they are helping you build your brand awareness and gain loyalty and credibility. 

This is one of the key benefits of social media you don’t need to miss. Where your brand can go viral in no time just with shares, comments, and likes your content will spread across the internet and thousands of people can see you and interact with you too, with no limits and with the minimum cost of money, time, and effort.

Tiktok users made a choreography for Grammarly’s youtube ad audio it go viral and 100 000+ Tiktok users saw it and are doing the same.

  • Tweets can make a huge bang and show up on google search.

Google and Bing search engines can show your tweets in Search engine research pegs(SERP) which allow people to see what others say about any topic they’re interested in which is one of the greatest benefits of social media marketing.

After we have discussed why is social media important to your business and the benefits of social media we need to talk about the disadvantages of social media too.

Disadvantages of social media in business:

No doubt that each type of business needs a suitable marketing strategy for it and maybe social media is not suitable for some stuff especially if you go social without putting a plan or knowing how to manage your campaign so if:

  • You don’t have a clear marketing vision and strategy.
  • You need an additional resource.
  • If your content is not catchy and helpful.
  • If you cant handle daily monitoring and don’t have enough time.
  • If you don’t know how to handle negative comments and harassment.

You need to take a step backward and think again about social media marketing.

Benefits Of Social Media

To summarize what we have said and to know why is social media important today there is no doubt that the benefits of social media are effective for any brand growth especial for startups and local businesses and by regularly updating your profile and your content you can enhance your SEO ranking and increase traffic and hence increase your ROI( return on investment) so if you don’t know how to do this job call creative minds agency and our social media experts will drive all of this advantages right to you.