Brand messaging strategy is so critical while starting your brand as it’s the language you are going to use while expressing your brand identity and personality for people.

Brand messaging is an important organ of the business body through which you can communicate with your audience and tell them what you are doing and why you do it simply your vision and your mission.

Brand messaging is your way of communicating the value proposition(s) of your brand in a  clever, strategic way that stimulates your audience’s desire for your service, and creates your own empire in a field full of competitors.

Telling your brand story through a few words is really important to deal with as it’s going to identify your relation with your clients and plays role in developing a successful brand.

What is brand messaging?

Brand messaging is the art of using words to raise awareness about your brand and to tell people why they should choose you.

Indeed Quality of your product and services can express themselves and the brand too but you can’t neglect the power of brand messaging too and its stride impact on your progress.

Determining the standards and criteria of brand messaging help company to be identified by their audience each time they reposition themselves, and this can only be achieved by using a message which clearly identifies your ideas which is based on true values.

By good structuring of brand messaging it can serve in translating the core values of your firm to the audiences.

Sides of brand messaging

Brand massaging is all about how people gonna see you it starts within the company vision, mission and culture.

  • Internal brand messaging

It’s the message about how you and your team define your brand mission and vision, it’s vital for your company development.

  • External brand messaging

It’s your message for the general people and how you gonna introduce your brand for tends to be informal and actionable than the internal brand messaging.

External messaging includes positioning statements, differentiators, value propositions, and slogans.


brand messaging

Why Does Brand Messaging Matter?

Try to ask five of your team about their opinions about your brand you will hear five different opinions each of which depends on the person’s point of view, that is exactly what brand messaging do, it rephrases your brand structure and why your brand’s matter as it clarifies who you are? what do you do? Why do you do it? And most important your brand essence in an understandable, clear way.

Your brand messaging can show others your authority among your niche as long as you include your value propositions and brand positioning and that’s what makes a good brand messaging in addition to focusing on internal and external sides of brand messaging strategy. you also, need to know that brand messaging is an effective way to build trust and reduce confusion for people about your brand.

What does Brand Messaging Architecture Look Like?

brand messaging architecture includes your:

  • Tagline
  • Value proposition
  • Brand messaging pillars

The framework starts from the tagline which is the big idea then to the value proposition of what you do finally to the brand messaging pillars of how you do what you are doing, so it doesn’t matter where your client is in his journey cause your brand messaging will direct him into your brand story.

How to create your tagline while brand messaging?

your taglines have to be short, simple and companies both of your brand positioning and value proposition, you also need to focus on emotion too what do you want your client to feel while reading your tagline and most important your tagline should be memorable.

What are brand messaging pillars and how to Flesh them Out?

Brand pillars are one of the critical tools in brand messaging and useful tools for the content creator.

The 5 Pillars of any brand

  • Culture
  • Story 
  • Service 
  • Experience 
  • Identity 

How to create your brand messaging framework?

You may have scratches of your brand messaging framework already documented, you need to gather your team and to put things together and discuss every single detail about your brand once you have things together you need to visualize it so content creators know how to put it into a meaningful way which expresses the core values of your brand.

And there is a wrong concept about brand messaging it doesn’t start with taglines or vale prop indeed it starts with understanding the core values of your brand as we have mentioned before.

  • Brand heart or brand strategy is a blueprint to help a business emphasize himself to the world in the right way and it’s composed of three main things the core of your brand why you do what you are doing and how you do it, brand messaging the way you tell people about your brand and your visual identity how your brand looks like.
  • Your brand positioning is what makes you different than others in your niche why would people choose you over your competitors to identify all of this you need to perform market research, once you know where you are standing it’s so helpful to express it through one sentence which describes how you kneeled it in your business.

It’s about how do you get started and it’s a fair question by the way so the creative mind will give you tips about designing your brand messaging framework:

  • Figure out your identity

There are some questions you need to ask yourself while figuring out your identity

  • How do you differentiate from your competitors?
  • What is your unique value proposition?
  • What kind of messaging will suit your target audience?
  • Who is your target audience? What do they care about?
  • Does your brand message tell a story?
  • What are your company’s goals? (No one is perfect and your target audience can’t relate to a seemingly perfect brand).
  • What are your company’s values?

After answering all of these questions you will have a complete map of your brand and what you’re doing how your brand messaging will look like.

  1. Craft your value Proposition

Your value propositions are so important for brand messaging as it helps conduct your benefits and how you are making a difference in your industry and how you solve your client issues with what you are doing.

We help X  do Y doing Z

Many pages have value prop on their homepages as they believe that it will be echoed either directly or indirectly.

   3. Know exactly who your audience is?

Targeting and segmentation are some of the most important strategies and advantages of digital marketing as help you gain loyalty and credibility from your audiences. 

The first step to understand who your audience is is to create a buyer persona through which you can customize everything bout your audience in a tidy clear profile, this gonna help you find the perfect link between you and your clients.

You also need to relate your brand messaging to your audience and if they can’t relate it back to you they won’t buy. So you need to evaluate your audience in a periodic way and to think about what they want you can also survey people directly for their opinions on your tagline.

   4. Research your competitors

If you don’t know the pain point of your client you can instead search your competitors look at their brand message and their overall strategies and their value their brand story and how they still exist after this you will gain a lot of ideas and you can also know where to start but remember you need to keep your brand messaging unique or you will fail even before you start.

Either you have a brand message or no you will need to perform this research as it gonna help you improve your brand.

5. Stay true to your audience about your brand

Never to lie in your brand messaging never to offer something you will never have this digital marketing field mainly build on reputation once you lost it it’s so hard to gain it again. It’s necessary to always refer back to your mission and vision and to think about your value proposition and what help you gonna give. The more honest you are with your clients the more people will trust you and gain people loyalty.

6. Implement your brand messaging

Once you come up with all the ideas about your message and put things together it’s time to implement your strategy and make a brand messaging presentation, this is where you gonna gather every single detail you have reached for or discussed with your team into one mold.

Make sure to use your website and your blog post and marketing emails and social media to make them all play and by hand for one aim which is your brand messaging.

Your marketing team or the digital marketing agency that you hire should fully understand your brand messaging and know-how they gonna implement it across various channels to reach your targeted audience.

Creative minds agency one of the best digital marketing agencies in Egypt know how exactly how to position your brand and implement your brand messaging so never hesitate about asking for help from our digital marketing experts.

7. Brainstorm brand messaging opportunities

Once you have clear implementation for your brand messaging, you can then start looking for brand messaging opportunities about how you can relate your campaign to your brand messaging once you get the idea you can relate it to your tagline that communicates your unique value prop.

brand messaging

Elements of Brand Messaging

There are several elements that make your brand messaging framework they should support and complete each other in a way that gives you an expressive branding message which exactly describes your identity.

  • Voice

Your tone of voice while contacting your audiences and always it doesn’t matter what you said what matters how you said it. Make sure about who you want to speak to. Promoting your business with a consistent tone will make it easier for you to be recognized by people.

  • Slogan

Not all brands have a slogan but that doesn’t deny that slogan is a vital part of your brand messaging if you think about popular brands like McDonald’s or Nike their slogan comes immediately to your mind.

So you need to create a slogan that is immediately remembered by your client and at the same time shows who you are as a slogan has a strong and crucial effect on how people feel.

No doubt that taglines or slogan is one of the most important parts of your brand messaging and you need to make them work together and match your brand tone of voice.

  • Positioning statements

Positioning statements play an important and effective part in brand messaging as it reveals who you are and what you do and who your business gonna affect people’s life.

Try to focus on your unique points in your statements and include them in all of your marketing materials to help be memorable by the people.

  • Mission

When you first start your business it’s so important to have a clear vision to be honest with yourself and to know who you are and what you do and your feature goals.

It’s never too late to create your mission statement and ensure it’s on the same track with your audience and what you offer too and remember your actions must support your vision. if the customer agrees to your mission and sees how realistic and honest this is enough for him to deal with you.

  • Vision

Side by side of your mission you should develop a vision too as you need to have something which speaks about your future goal. If you don’t have a vision yet consider how you gonna add one to your brand.

  • Values

It how you gonna tell people how you do your business and here is our value at the design of creative minds agency:

“We believe that we succeed when our client succeed”.

  • Differentiators

It’s so important to tell people how you are different from others who offer the same services you offer and why they should choose you over others and differentiators could be:

  • Brand personality
  • Tone of voice
  • Colors

brand messaging

10 tips for creating  brand messaging that express your brand:

  1. Include it in your brand guidelines
  2. Focus on positioning your brand
  3. Target your audience
  4. Don’t be perfect and over-promise
  5. Use culture marketing to attract more people
  6. Communicate your message on each platform and everywhere
  7. Be simple 
  8. Clear messaging for each stage of your customer journey
  9. your visual identity must reflect your brand.
  10. finally, Be yourself

Brand Messaging Examples


No doubt that MasterCard is one of the leading agencies and known pioneers in payment innovation and technology. They produce credit cards, prepaid cards, and gift cards with so many also gives us one of the best brand messaging examples too: 

“There are some things money can’t buy. for everything else, there’s MasterCard”

No doubt that it will be stuck ever since which has turned into a  full identity for the company. This slogan clearly tells you that in every single purchasing process you have to use a master card. Impressive isn’t it? And of course, this is one of the most successful brand messaging templates you can see.