Apps are getting a huge share in our life. Almost everything has its own app, even drinkin and running, don’t be shocked in a world running on apps that is normal.

But now it’s not just about apps, the viral increase in app number generates new terms for mobile app development, and mobile app development company in Egypt sounds to be an advanced term right?

Best Mobile App Development Company in Egypt

Don’t worry, creative mind agency, the most advanced mobile app development company in Egypt, will make it easy for you. We’re gonna explain everything in brief but have a look at the below numbers first.

Huge download number, isn’t it?

Let’s take a look and see what an app is, its history, impact, and development?

Did you know that Getting a Mobile app development company in Egypt to build your app can cost from 100,000 to 120,000 for a small to medium-sized app? The range is so big because it will depend on the complexity of the app and the number of screens.

A mobile application is also referred to as a mobile app or simply an app that is short for a software application with the main purpose to run on mobile devices like phones, tablets, and smartwatches.

Apps were designed for assistance such as emails, alarms, calendars and contacts, and so on but the increasing rapid demand for apps in other fields like gaming, GPS, automation, ticket purchase, and that stuff caused rapid expansion so that we now witness millions of apps available and it will never stop.

Most apps require internet access. They are also downloaded from the internet too from app stores which are digital distribution platforms.

In 2010 the term ‘app’ became so popular it was documented as the word of the year according to the American Dialect Society.

This huge number lead to classification there for apps are broadly categorized into three categories

  1. Native app

Yes exactly like how you think from their names they are a native app that is designed to operate mobile systems only typically Android or IOS.

  1. Web app

Are written in CSS or HTML5 and run through browser only

  1. Hybrid apps

They have been using web technology like HTML5, Javascript, and CSS and they function as web apps in a native mold.           

Mobile apps are sold as pre-installed software such as calendar, web browser’ apps for buying music and mapping programs, some of these pre_installed apps can be removed from your device by normal uninstalling process thus leaving more storage for another app of your desire sometimes the software doesn’t allow this, some devices can be toted to remove the undesired app

Not preinstalled apps are available on app store they may operate by the owner of device operating system such as app store (IOS) or by the device manufacturers such as Huawei app gallery or by the third parties like Amazon and F_droid

Some apps are free while others have a price that can be upfront or a subscription.  Some apps may include microtransaction and|or advertising any way the profit is usually spat between the app creator and the store so the same app can cost different prices according to the platform

People download many applications from their devices. The use of mobile apps is increasing across all mobile users. 

Researchers have found that the use of mobile apps depends on the user’s location and time of day. Mobile applications play a main role in health care and when perfectly designed can produce huge benefits.

Mobile App Development Company in Egypt

Types of mobile applications

  • Gaming apps

   They are the most popular category of mobile apps.

  • Business or production applications

   These apps have a huge market share today as people are increasingly inclined to use their smartphones and tablets to perform many complex tasks on the go.

  • Education programs

  This section includes mobile applications that help users discover new skills and knowledge. For example, language learning apps like Duolingo

  1. Lifestyle applications

   This broad category of apps includes shopping, fashion, visual fitness rooms, gymnastics, dating, and food apps.

  1. M-commerce apps

    popular shopping apps like Amazon or eBay

  1. Entertainment apps

    These apps allow users to stream video content, search events, chat or watch online content.

  1. Application applications

  These are so obvious that we don’t even see them using them. Operating systems often have very short user session times –

  1. Travel apps

 The main idea of ​​this section is to help users navigate easily.

Mobile application development

Mobile app development is a process that draws a lot in the development of standard software. It also focuses on creating software that takes advantage of the hardware features of the mobile device.

The easiest and direct way to build a mobile app is to use a desktop-based app and install it on a mobile device. However, as the application is more robust, this process can be problematic.

The best way is to directly improve the theme. It is a strategy that takes advantage of all the benefits offered by mobile devices. The process takes into account their limitations and helps business owners estimate costs and performance.

Mobile App Development Company in Egypt

How to build a mobile app?

If you want to build a mobile application, you can choose from three different options:

  • Build an in-house development team,
  • Hire specialized software development agency,
  • Rely on freelance mobile app developers 

Hiring an app development company

There are many Mobile app development company in Egypt. By partnering with such companies, you will be offering the job of building your app to a team of professionals.

By talking about software development company in Egypt, we can’t forget to talk about creative mind agency, the house of mobile development, which is gonna give you a great advantage of the technology and knowledge the team has gained by recognizing projects similar to yours. You can verify our knowledge and skills with a portfolio and ask for client recommendations, creative minds can  offer you a wide range of services such as:

  • Android Apps
  • IOS Apps
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • React JS
  • VR

This option offers a very cost-effective and quality balance, especially if you decide to outsource your project to a team in an area where development rates are low. 

Mobile App Development Company in Egypt

We hope this guide will help you understand what the state of the mobile app looks like today. In the future, we will see the development of advanced mobile applications with advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and much more.

And here’s what you can be sure of:

Businesses will invest in additional apps for mobile applications as mobile devices outperform desktop devices when it comes to number and user engagement.

Looking for a professional mobile development team for your project? Contact us, one of the best software companies in Egypt.

We specialize in mobile development, and our team knows all the most advanced technologies to help you create a mobile app that provides useful information and generates a tangible value for your business.

Mobile App Development Company in Egypt