Visual appearance is something you can’t neglect even though your brand identity as it’s your brand appearance in the market. Building a brand identity can bring you more consistent sales and becomes one of the most valuable assets that gives you the shape of your brand.

Having a specific haircut, or shoes that many people wear, or membership in a famous team is all a brand identity. Successful brand identity makes you easily recognizable by your clients and instantly associates your brand identity to the product or service you provide so you can easily gain customer loyalty.

Brand identity can easily shape the impression your customers take after they have made the sale sp you need to carefully scalp the identity that truly reflects your brand and support you as long as your brand grows.

The difference between brand identity and strategy

Brand strategy is to shape how your people interact with your brand how you want them to perceive your brand and the values you want to communicate with your brand.

While the brand identity is the logo, designs, and colors are all the visible elements of your brand, these elements are all capable of identifying you and distinguishing you from your other competitors.

Frankly, brand identity is your brand look, speak, and feels to the people which means its the entire experience.

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What is the brand?

It’s your client’s total prospects experience with your business

Brand identity

Brand identity vs brand image

It’s all about perspectives, while the brand image shows the product’s outside perception regarding a brand, the brand identity defines how the brand owner wants the people to see and perceive his product or services. brand identity and brand image must be closely aligned so you can create a successful brand.


How to cultivate your brand identity in people’s minds?

  • Chooses the name
  • Designs the logo
  • Uses different colors, shapes, photos , icons, and other visual elements in its products and promotions
  • Crafts the language in its advertisements
  • Trains employees to interact with customers

brand identity

Steps for Building Brand Identity guidelines?

Every element should support the other element so you can deliver a coherent message it’s something like a multi-disciplinary strategic effort. Brand identity might include the company name, logo, or certain design.

Brand identity may also be the voice and tone of your brand, your social media appearance, and creative minds as one of the best social media marketing agency in Egypt can carefully take care of that by the hand of our social media experts 

The look and composition of your product too can make a difference in determining your brand identity.

  • Know who you are?

It’s so critical to define who exactly you are before start building your brand identity and creative minds one of the best digital marketing agencies in Egypt  bring you some questions to ask yourself while figuring out who you are?

  • Your mission 
  • Your values 
  • Your brand personality 
  • Your unique positioning 
  • Your brand voice 
  • Why did you start this business?
  • What are the beliefs and values that are important to you as a company?
  • What do you do better than anyone else?
  • What makes you special?
  • If you could describe your brand in three words, what would they be?
  • What are the three words you would like your customers to use to describe you?
  • Analyze the company and make a market research

Conducting market research about your brand strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats ” full SWOT analysis”. Can help you understand the full situation and where are you from the market so you can easily set your goal and how to achieve it.

  • Determine your goal

A successful brand identity should allow you to achieve your goals so if you are promoting something luxury you should appear on platforms where potential customers are likely to see them.

  • Target your customer

Identifying your target audience through target persona, Better communication will never be achieved without identifying your target persona and getting so close to them. 

While targeting your audiences you should carefully choose the language you gonna use and your tone of voice and, it’s also important to use the same tone across all marketing channels.

Avoid negative practices when developing a strong brand identity, so you need to not communicate several messages to your audience so they become confused and to always know what you going to say.

And always remember to be consistent in your ideas and communicate the values of your firm and the message you are going to deliver to your potential clients.

  • Determine the personality and message to communicate.

Frankly, effective communication can express you in a perfect clear way so you can easily get to your point and achieve your goals.

There is two ways to enhance your communication: 

  • Understand your clients and find out what affects their behavior
  • Get in touch with your employees and improve your internal communication between you and them so its improved between them and your clients in creative mind we believe that happy customer is a result of happy employees.

Utility, affordability, quality, taste, and modernity are all elements of the brand they should align together to deliver targeted and focused messages.

  • Monitor your progress

it s so vital and important to track your performance to know if you are on the right track or not. Always review your client’s feedback on your product always do surveys and interviews so you can clearly know where you stand between your competitors.

Elements of your brand design

Element of brand identity also named brand identity system, While building your brand identity you need to start from scratch your design structure is the building block of your brand identity.

  • Typography

Typography is the font type you choose for your branding materials and there are 4 types of typography:

  • Serif fonts
  • Sans serif fonts
  • Script typography
  • Display fonts

Brand identity

  • Color palette

It’s so important to know that people have psychological ties to colors and brand color is an important strategy while branding has a strong impact on how you are going to perceive your customers.

  • Red: is the color of passion and excitement.
  • Yellow: is all about happiness.
  • Green: An incredibly versatile color, you are going to think about money or nature.
  • Blue: The most appealing color.
  • Purple: is the color of royalty.
  • Pink: is culturally tied to femininity.
  • Brown: the least use color in all of the brandings but it views your brand as rugged or masculine.
  • Black: all about modern or sophisticated.
  • The shape of your brand identity design

Shape and forms used to reinforce your customer reaction where:

  • Round shape: circles, ovals, and ellipses all about the warm and fuzzies.
  • Straight-edged shapes: squares, rectangles, and triangles are all about strength and efficiency.
  • Straight lines: are all about masculinity and strength
  • horizontal lines: are all about tranquility and mellow vibes.
  • Logo

The logo is a part of the brand identity, but it doesn’t represent the entire brand identity. No doubt that logo is your brand identity cornerstone while brainstorming with your designer your logo needs to be:

  • Clear
  • Simple and clean
  • Classic, not trendy
  • Match your industry
  • Last long in your client’s mind
  • Website

If you are running an online business or prompt for a digital product or service you need to keep your website in your mind where your clients will definitely check out your website before deciding if you are going to deal with you or not, Your website is your branding full force, so hiring a web design company, so you make sure your business is running in its ideal way.

Brand identity

  • You packaging

You can easily attract people just by the way you package your products and how you deliver them to your clients so never underestimate the value of packaging while building your brand identity and improving your client experience so client come back again to you.

  • Business cards

A well-designed card offers you positive opinions of your potential clients and there are three things to keep in mind while designing your business card it must have your personal details, the logo of your brand on one side and it has to be simple and not crowded.

  • Email design                 

It’s a great way to engage your clients but most people have inbox overload and you might risk being spam so if you want to grow your business you need to perfectly design your email in a way that makes you unique.

Brand identity design services

Our brand identity designer team in creative minds the house of digital marketing services is always side by side with you and is available 24\7 to assist you.

Our experts In creative minds, believe that a good selection of brand identity elements can give rise to a successful identity.

Why is brand identity matter?

It’s all about communicating your value and story to your client, it’s a powerful tool through which you can control how the people gonna feel about your brand actually what they are going to say about you while you are not in the room.

  • Differentiation

How you are going to be unique in a very competitive field why people should choose you over so many competitors who may provide exactly the same as you, how your product could fight and stand alone in the market, Brand identity has a lot to do with that.

  • Connection

Brand identity helps you improve your communication with people and gain brand loyalty as the people will better engage with your brand.

  • Experience

If you want to create a consistent brand experience you need to present a cohesive identity.

  • The image of your brand

The first impression is taken from your logo so it needs to do more than just being cool and interesting.

  • Credibility and Trust

Successful brand identity can easily help you gain the credibility and trust of your clients.

6 tips to help you build a memorable brand identity

  • to be  catchy and grape people’s attention so it could stand among the competition.
  • should have a strong visual impact so it becomes memorable for your clients.
  • should be flexible and evolve with the brand step by step.
  • Applicable on different applications (web-print-etc.…).
  • elements must be cohesive and complete each other.
  • must be easy, clear for the designers.

Brand identity and the halo effect

The halo effect is when the customer has a positive experience with your brand and somehow it’s correlated to the brand strength and loyalty. When your client start to prefer your products over the others this will help you increase your brand awareness and raise your brand image also you could increase your mindshare which exactly describes your popularity.

Brand identity and the horn effect

The Horn effect is opposite to the halo effect as it describes the bad experience your client suffers from your brand and it obviously shows while managing customer complaints.

Management is so important and essential you can’t risk leaving your brand to chance.

Brand identity

brand identity examples

While talking about brand identity examples we can never forget talking about Nike, Coca-Cola, and of course, apple those three organizations have successfully graved their brand identity and gained a lot of brand awareness and loyalty.

Apple Inc. at the top surveys of the most beloved and effective brands, they have successfully create a respectful impression for their clients and they also succeed in making their brand identity and brand image closely aligned.

Coca-Cola once you hear the name the logo will come directly in your thought its red color and its slogan” share a coke” this is all an indication for a successful brand identity with a perfect choice for its elements.