web design company in egypt has made major changes to meet the need of users everywhere to have more access to content. Between mobile phones, tablets, and desktops, web access is so easy that website owners need to make sure they meet the requirement. App-based on new technologies require effective and innovative IT solutions Check out our offer now.

Best web design company in egypt

In creative minds  the best web design company in egypt, we offer you a smart, flexible, and affordable website design. we ensure you the best quality of work compared to other web development and design companies.

Responsive designs have allowed users to take a single website and access any screen size. New trends also include HTML5 and Javascript replacing Flash slightly.

Web design contains many different areas for producing and supporting a website, which includes:

  • web graphic design
  • User Interface Design (UI design)
  • authorization, which includes standard code and affiliate software
  • user experience design (UX design)
  • search engine optimization(SEO)

What is web design?

Web design is the online presence, in other words, is part of the website user experience typically focused on the design of desktop browsers.

A web designer works with the look, feel, and, in some cases, of website content.

Appearance is the colors, fonts, and graphics used .. while Structure is the way information is structured and categorized

Two of the most common ways to design websites that work well on both desktop and mobile are responsive and flexible design.

In a responsive design, the content varies according to screen size; in dynamic constructions, the content of the website is adjusted to the size of the structure that matches the standard screen sizes.

Web design is different from web development, which is the actual code that makes the website work. When building a new website, you will need web design and web development. While you can find web designers who are also web developers and UX, these sets of capabilities are unique.

Web designers translate your ideas into a  mockup that shows what your future website will look like. You can say that web designers handle the creative part of the website.

Web developers also called engineers or codes — take pictures of your web designer and translate them into coding for display on the web.

The user experience developer (UX developer) is the one who makes your website easy to be accessed and facilitates its usage. 

web design company in egypt

Why is web design important?

First impressions are important. Potential customers who search the web for your product and find nothing may think you are out of business. If they search and find something small, they will get the impression that you do not care about your company or product. Make every start of your website better by improving your web design by a professional web design company in egypt..

A good web design depends on the taste of the viewer. In web design, the line between “good” and “bad” is very clear. A well-designed website is a website that does exactly what your visitor wants.

Functional web design is a dynamic web design. In webspeak, “modify” means to make the user perform a specific action clear CTA. If a user follows an action that your website is set to take, your website undergoes a modification. Conversion can be anything, such as subscribing to a newsletter, purchasing, opening an account, or accessing additional content on a website.

An effective web design incorporates a few elements to improve conversion. These include:

  • Mandatory use of invalid space
  • The fewer options the client have the less they are confused
  • a clear call to action
  • Responsive design Fixed-size fonts follow the system.
  • high-quality content and images that get the attention of your audience
  • A balance between text value and images on each page 

Finding a web design company in egypt can be difficult because there are so many options of services and price ranges .but you must follow these criteria to find the best design companies in egypt :

  • Experience
  • Design Quality
  • Website speed
  • Price
  • Client feedback
  • SEO performance
  • Time to finish
  • Maintenance service

And is what you gonna find with us in creative minds

Why creative minds?

If you are tired of technical issues that might face you building your website

You cannot figure out what your client wants? Do you want to get your clients’ attention on the product and services you offer? you are a start-up and don’t know the right track to start?

Creative minds one of the top 10  web design company in egypt can help you with all of this stuffs cause we depend on the most advanced automation tools:

  • Agile Methodology
  • Project monitoring through the Jira platform
  •  Automatic reporting by Kanban Boar
  •  Project workflow
  •  Security level to ensure the team is not scattered
  •  Time-bound tasks and follow-up time for each task

first, you need to understand our services but let’s take a tour in our agency the best web design company in egypt and meet our creative team.

Development and operation unite

  1. Our account manager

We believe in making our project the AZ way who can figure out what you exactly need and assist you to reshape your project in a way that meets the market criteria.

  1. Business analyst 

who is responsible for analysis of all the inputs either from our client or after making market research.

3.. Project manager or the project owner 

Who is responsible for giving the complex software solution related to initiation, planning, user experience, design, development, QC, launch,and ongoing maintenance.

  1. developers

Who have a respectful understanding of the advanced technology to give you the perfect web design and implementing, and maintaining software mobile & web development and our experienced team was our gate to be one of the best web design company in egypt.

  1. Quality assurance specialist (QA)

Our creative mind QA makes sure that our team follows all the agreed criteria and guarantees the most expected quality per each development phase. QA team is responsible for: 

Coach project teams for efficient usage of CM tools.

QA activities including.

  • Apply iterative audits (QA and CM) across the project life cycle.
  • Measure and analyze process compliance.
  • Provide reporting to senior management on process compliance.
  • The QA team reports directly to the CEO weekly.
  • Two methods are applied for audit on QA.
  • External consultants apply random audits on a quarterly basis and recommend action items to adjust the defined process and implementation methodology.
  1. User Acceptance Testing(UAT): 

validate the end-to-end business flow. It focuses on errors, Spelling, or System testing. Which is carried out in a separate testing environment with a production-like data setup.

All our team in creative minds believe that we succeed when our clients succeed.

How creative minds perform the projects:

  1. Project Workflow is The procedures that will be followed to monitor the project and workflow:
  2. The entire project is managed by Jira Software Project Management Environment.
  3. All technical documents are uploaded through the confluence environment and this includes versions of technical documents and their approvals.
  4. All designs are uploaded through the Marvel App environment to follow up and issue comments from the project manager and the authority’s official.
  5. All project tasks are added and the concerned employee is identified through the Jira work environment with the approval of the Agile Methodology system and Kanban Board to follow up on the tasks and achievement.
  6. The project manager creates a workflow and the powers of each person in the work team, which is in the form of the following steps:
  7. Backlog/user stories/tasks
  8. Selected for development
  9. In progress.
  10. Waiting review.
  11. In-review.
  12. Need enhancement.
  13. Done.

To identify the differences between the actual system behavior and the documented requirements we need two significant processes: verification and validation processes.

Verification process:

Verification includes reviews and evaluation of documents, plans, codes.

Validation process:

Validation is the actual testing which includes integration, usability, regression, and functionality.

Since we believe that the project is not done until you are satisfied and say it’s done we apply change management services.

Change management:

In case you need to add more services or additional adjustments an evaluation will be done to determine the suitable tool to be used and the impact of these changes on the scoop of the overall project then submit a change request that includes the necessary time and the cost of tat change.

web design company in egypt

We offer you a range of services that will make your business grow in a fast healthy way:

Our Servers Administration services in creative minds:

  1. Full Servers administration

         a. Server configuration.

         b. OS installation and support.

         c. Hardware upgrade and changing.

         d. Hardware troubleshooting.

  1. Source code control (GIT).
  2. Source Code Backup (Daily – Weekly – Monthly – Internal – External).
  3. Server Configuration Backup (Daily – Weekly – Monthly – Internal –     External).
  4. Database Backup (Daily –Weekly – Monthly – Internal – External – Hot     backup).
  5. Security checks (weekly – monthly).
  6. Periodic software update (server applications)
  7. Server monitoring (CPU – Memory – Disk Usage).
  8. Log files analysis (Errors + Access + Security)
  9. Server Load Monitor & Analysis.
  10. Monthly threats analysis.
  11. Source code and server changes analysis (Weekly – Monthly).
  12. Maintaining all installed software and daemons up and running all time.
  13. Data Recovery through daily backups and even comparing changes between history backups
  14. Groups and Pool security where we prevent any servers contact to internet except through the firewalls and proxies.
  15. Bandwidth saving and increasing performance through all levels of caching and techniques:

        a. CDN

        b. TTL

        c. minifying code.

        d. Etc.

     16. Disaster management.

       17. SLA of 99% Uptime

Here’s a list of some of our clients:

  • Arabian Business Academy
  • Aqar Ya Masr
  • Qanony App
  • Saudi Venture Capital
  • Gilead Middle East Database 
  • 5ComeChat (Covid-19 Chatbot )
  • Sreer hotel booking platform

Some of our works that might inspire you:



Webinars in Invasive Fungal Infections (Wifi), hosted by Gilead Middle East

HIV Academy


easy access for healthcare professionals to educational content



Which  facilitate the communication between company members

website development costs that in egypt may be relatively high 

Creative minds, the web design company in egypt, is not just building your website, we are building your business.