They always say that the best way for your target is the simple and direct one as well for describing your brand with a few words which are your brand adjectives.

Brand adjectives can be described as the people’s endorsement for your brand where they describe and define your brand in a few simple words, and it also describes the client’s whole experience with your brand and what they should be honest about it.

Consumers are so smart about choosing their brand, The brand they are going to support and stay loyal for and they will give your brand its adjectives depending on their overall experience and hence the impression upon which you determine your brand message and brand identity and the most important your brand personality so it’s all connected together.

Grammar, word usage, tone, point of view, logo usage, colors, visuals, and more, All form a holistic set of standards for your branding identity and personality.

What is a brand?

It’s the concept that helps people define a specific company or product. You cant actually see or touch a brand it’s something visual but you can feel its effect. Brand helps people shape and decide their perceptions of your firm and the products or services you are providing. And due to lacking safety and copyrights, many entities are seeking legal protection for their brand by obtaining trademarks. 

Trademark is referred to the phrase, word, or symbol that legally differentiates brand products from their similarities as it identifies that this product belongs to that entity and also recognizes the company’s ownership of the brand.

There are many types of brands and here are some of the most common ones:

  • Corporate Brands:

Where entities market for themselves to give themselves a uniqueness over their competitors.

  • Personal Brands:

It’s not just about products or services anymore you can build your own personas through social media and hence boost your brand.

  • Product Brands:

It involves promoting one individual product which requires good market research and accurate targeting for your market and personas.

  • Service Brands:

No doubt that it needs high creativity level so you could show your services in a physical way.

How to describe your brand?

your customer image about your business is your brand, so you need to be careful and picky while defining your brand before the market does that for you. Always believe that your company somehow should be the way you want it to be so you need to figure out how your firm will stand out and how it will look like between the rest of competitors that way.

Clearly communicating your values and identifying your digital content strategy also have great feedback on the long-term goal and able to give you some uniqueness which made you look different from your competitors.

Explaining why people should deal with your brand? Expression how important are the services and products you offer? Your services Quality? Being committed to the time and your reliability? Focus on what you do best, This all is going to help your brand awareness and credibility between your client and in the market. 

For creative minds, one of the best web development and digital marketing agencies marketing is defined as satisfying your customer needs so once you reach this point you have achieved so much in your marketing goals.

Brand adjectives:

It’s all about how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us. To talk in a digital marketing language is referred to as brand perception.

When crafting your brand you should consider your brand adjectives or Brand words and what people are going to think about you, And if it’s the same as how you see yourself or not.

A good selection of your brand adjectives helps gain brand awareness and be recognized, also helps you target your message to the right client without wasting time with someone who doesn’t care about your brand already.

brand adjectives

How to define your brand adjectives?

Defining who you are and the core of what you do? And why do you do it? and how people are going to feel about it? it is definitely important while brand adjectives.

  • Make your own list of adjectives:

You should start your own list with all adjectives that come to your mind and describe your brand. Company taglines are the best way to define your brand adjectives.

  • Ask people about how they see your brand

You can do so by asking your best customer to describe your brand with just a few adjectives and if you don’t already have a brand you can ask them to describe you cause, of course, this is going to be reflected on your brand and team also.

Start sending Emails to those clients and tell them that you are starting your brand adjectives identification and you would like them to describe their experience in one word, which is going to help you so much plus it is going to make your client feel that they are a part of your brand.

Finally, you should bridge the gap between how your clients see you and how you see yourself.

  • Categorize

Start to sum all the adjectives you have been collected and categorize them into buckets up to 5 in total.

  • Narrow all the collected data

More than 5 brand adjectives sound extortionate it will sound good not to exceed three brand adjectives so you should narrow all the brand adjectives that you have collected before.

How to describe your brand in 3 words:

This may be the most difficult question to answer as a client it seems too simple but it’s so difficult in its essence by defining a whole brand in just three words and you have to be ideal, honest, and to the point while doing this.

Social media and digital marketing agencies in Egypt but a great effort while defining your brand adjectives as this step means a lot what they will build now will last forever and this will be your true brand value.

To build your whole brand identity all you need to start with is just three words Gucci defines itself as ‘Seduction, Powerful, Accomplished.  Nike’s three words are ‘Performance, Authenticity, Innovation.

How do you know if these brand adjectives describe you and your brand?

  • Do these brand adjectives are applicable to your brand 
  • Does your website support these brand adjectives including the design and the art?
  • Do the color and design reflect these brand adjectives?
  • Do all your social media posts and emails hit these brand adjectives?

If your answer for all the above questions is yes so you have selected the right brand adjective for your business.

Brand personality adjectives:

Adjectives for business names are your visual appearance and the name by which people are going to describe your business so you need to urgently start your brand adjectives exercise and select brand adjective that describes your brand story.

brand adjectives

brand adjectives

Brand voice adjectives:

Determining your marketing tone of voice is so essential and crucial for your business strategy. So you need to plan for your content before it’s written and to determine your brand voice adjective so you can target your audience, which is a great advantage of digital marketing never found in traditional marketing. Here’s a list of some brand voice adjectives:

  1. Authoritative
  2. Caring
  3. Cheerful
  4. Coarse
  5. Conservative
  6. Conversational
  7. Casual
  8. Dry
  9. Edgy
  10. Enthusiastic

Design adjectives:

Its adjectives that usually used to describe the art in objects and forms. I like that “ adjective” Design. Sometimes it’s referred to as a noun and sometimes pronoun, it depends on when it refers to industry as a whole in this case it’s a pronoun, but when it referred to certain commodities its noun in this case.

To finalize and summarize what we have explained finding three words that sum up what you stand for and why you are doing what you do? Your values will be crafted for your brand’s life and going to be your foundation and the most important part is to be authentic and match everything you do to your communicating values.