A picture can tell you a story so what about a video?. Digital Video production companies in Egypt have put a great effort into digital video production as they believe that showing people definitely better than telling them.

Digital Video production companies in Egypt believe that video has the ability to tell the story exactly the same way as they want it to be and also has the ability to improve communication. 

Digital video production with the right message can do a lot not only can hit two birds with one stone it can hit many birds where video can play the role of salesperson, trainer, and educators too.

Over time digital video production companies in Egypt have created new roles and jobs they simply can assign videos in so many different fields and it will perfectly work.

Those in charge of video making in digital video production companies always believed that video with high quality and pointed messages can bring high-quality leads and can bring you the right audience. Where a digital video can explain a complex topic in a simple way, and put the audience into the heart of the story.

Simply digital video production companies take video production as one of their important tactics in any marketing strategy especially in any social media campaign and on websites.

A media production agency can help you with identifying the kind of video your business need and what kind can make your business grow, Which is a big advantage of digital marketing that is not found in traditional marketing

Digital Video production


Digital video production companies define video production as the art or technique of moving images in the form of encoded data displayed in rapid succession, while Analog video is the art of moving images in the form of analog signals.

Digital video production can pass through different phases starting from pre-production, planning, storyline, shooting, filming, and editing for being distributed either for TV or online platforms.

Digital video production companies in Egypt become originated with that 70% of the internet search traffic online is made up by digital videos.

Video Production and Digital marketing:

For digital marketing companies, digital video production definition is the process through which you can create video content for digital platforms on the internet. something like filmmaking but with different distribution places.

Techniques of digital Video production:

Digital video making may include cameras to produce the intended scenes and appropriate sound engineering to produce the audible elements of the scene.

Post_production editing can also be used with graphics to create visual effects that all merge into animation and live_motion films.

Why make creative minds your first choice while hiring a digital Video production company in Egypt?

Creatine minds agency is the house of web development and digital marketing can offer you plenty of digital video production services. Our experts in photography and our video team use the latest equipment available for the aim of high quality digital video production. 

Video production is one of our favorite services. We can help you decide whether video or other services are right for your business, message, audience, and budget.

We can also help you determine your marketing content strategy which helps you attract the right audience and to deliver the right message which perfectly describes your brand story.

Digital video production passes through three different phases to come out in its final shape. As it will follow specific tracks:

  • Research: understand your objectives.
  • Pre_production meeting: Key messaging, set the timelines.
  • Strategic version: storyboarding and story-identification.
  • Newsgathering: start shooting the interviews and b-roll Video.
  • Content creation: Scripting, producing, and editing.
  • Content review: Revision and approvals.

process of Digital video production:

The process of Digital video production:

The video production process has three main steps: pre-production, production, the third phase is post-production.

 Steps of digital Video Pre-production

This step is where you are setting the groundwork and it’s essential to have a good plan and research and organization to have a successful digital video production.

  • Define your audience

Defining your audience is your way to get better insights from Google AdWords and better-targeted video, and defining your audience will start by building the buyer personas this will help you generate more targeted and effective videos in the long term.

  • Define your message

Definition of your message is as important as defining your audience, you can set your brand identity through your brand messaging. In other words, it’s separate but consecutive steps they are different in the essence but similar in the aim and complete each other. Always remember it doesn’t matter how much you say as much as how qualified it is.

  • Define your budget

You need to define your budget after defining your message and audience too as it’s so hard to manage the expectations and hence you will know what you can do and what you can’t.

  • Write and revise a script

Not all scriptwriters know how to write a professional script that can go viral on social media and different platforms and serve the target and the aim of the digital video production

  • Include greetings and sign-offs

Traditional call to action and TV infomercials have been replaced by smarter but that doesn’t mean to say that there is no place for reminders. Brief greetings and sign_offs are the perfect way to fully leverage average attention spans.

  • Use your first eight seconds to qualify

The first eight-second is fetal for any digital video production most viewers drop their attention after those 8 seconds a study stated that the average attention span of those people is less than a goldfish by one second).

The good news is that the average eight-second is just enough for a professional scriptwriter to do the job and include a brief greeting that states who you are what your brand represents and it going to be interesting, to begin with, will drop off after the greeting so the viewer will still engaged.

  • Determine your ideal video length

Your ideal video length should be within 30 seconds so it could keep around 75% of your viewer so you need to adjust your script accordingly to these tips.

Considering the speed of the feed era w are witnessing you need to keep the length of your video within the acceptable limit and the content to be catchy so it captures the user’s attention while they are scrolling through their mobile phones.

  • Be transparent and authentic.

Your first priority during digital video production should be transparency and authenticity and you should focus your goal of content marketing should be through good leadership so your viewer will see you as an expert then you can win their trust and credibility.

Steps of Video production

Now the meeting is over and time for preparation is done. The team starts to capture all the raw materials of the video, footage, and interviews for the video and the story is about to be alive.

  • Concept development
  • Scripting
  • Storyboarding
  • Talent booking
  • Sound effects, music, and sound design
  • Special effects
  • Animation and motion graphics


It’s the phase where the producer and the editor show their art through which the team goes through organizing, planning, and editing the video, While the producer review, all the scenes, and the editor perform his magic, and it’s time to fit the pieces together. 

Digital video production

Media production services list provided by creative minds:

As we have mentioned before creative mind is a professional digital marketing agency that can offer you different digital marketing services includes:

  • Motion Graphics Planning and Production
  • Professional Photography
  • Video Shoot / Live Shoot

Digital video Production degree

The US Bureau of labor advises holding a bachelor’s degree in order to move to a higher level responsibility job titles such as camera operation and film and video editing.

Each field has its own pros and cons but holding a degree in digital video production worthing it and it gonna bring you more success in the long run and gonna open new opportunities for you.

Digital Video Production high School:

Digital video production is an introduction class or a workshop that is designed to provide students with creative and historic backgrounds and make them acquire a sense of art in the field of digital video production and filmmaking and broadcasting and to meet the criteria of the TV and movie industry. The classes also include all steps in the whole video-making process including pre-production, production, and post-production.

Digital Video Production Certificates:

Kutztown offers a digital video production certificate designed for the students who are interested in learning video production and seeking training in video and audio production, It includes classes in:

  • Audio production
  • Scriptwriting
  • Cinematography 
  • Post-production

This digital video production course can simply teach you the required skills to be professional in this field including how to write, how to hire a team, and how to budget.

Digital video production jobs

  • Senior Video Editor & Shooting
  • Videographer /Video Editor
  • Social Media / Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Videographer
  • Video Editor
  • Supervisor, Video Editing – Communications
  • Photographer & Videographer 
  • Senior Video Producer
  • Regional Media Specialist
  • Production Coordinator, Digital Media Services
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Graphic Design& Video Editing intern
  • Web Editor 
  • Social Content Producer 
  • Camera Operator
  • Digital Media Executive
  • Motion Video Editor
  • Copy Editor 

Finally hiring a digital Video Production Company In Egypt is not an easy job but with creative minds, you are in safe hands because our goal in creative minds is to make your video process goes as smoothly as possible as we want your business to stand out for years.